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Eyonaa - Bangladeshi social website

Eyonaa is a social site were you'll get connected with the whole globe, especially with Bangladeshis. Wherever you are right now. Invite Your Facebook Friends and Get connected Quickly.


Why You'll Enjoy Eyonaa

You can send free messages, share photos and videos, and update your status. Check out profile cards or join a popular conversation to make friends around the world. Eyonaa allows more than one million people to interact with loved ones and people around the world. Stay in touch with your family and friends, for free. Share photos and news, update your status and show other users. Sends messages and creates groups chats. Connect to Wi-Fi not to consume your given package. Personalise your messages with fun emoticons. Make friends around the world. Check out profile cards to meet new people. Invite your friend to earn money. Add profiles that interest you to your favourites. Start a chat. Join a group or add. Join forums or add. Find your actors / actresses etc ... Whatever your favourite subject, you will find a group or forum to discuss. View the reviews of other users.


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